Running with Purpose Mission Statement

Running with Purpose

Being a voice to the voiceless.


Coming alongside men and women to lead this generation and raise up the next in a legacy of living out God's love in all relationships and aspects of life.

For Men

Breaking The Cycle

Domestic and emotional abuse happens in many homes across America, and virtually nobody knows what to do! In fact, statistics show that perpetrators of emotional abuse make up 80% of our population, and the silent pleas for help generally go unnoticed or ignored.

As a former abuse victim, I have personally experienced the apathy towards victims, and the devastation of emotional abuse. Would you recognize the silent cries for help or the signs of an abuser?? Would you know what to do, or how to help?

Through this class, young men will learn how to identify abuse, and what healthy relationships look like. They will be empowered with the resources to help the hurting, and free the victims. Most importantly, they will receive training in how to live out Christ’s love in their own relationships, rather than joining the ranks of perpetrators.

Please join me as we study the habits of abusers, and how to effectively shine a light of hope to the victims of abuse.